We are a 4% FULL SERVICE Brokerage
Saving you thousands of dollars (traditional brokers charge 5%-6%)


Advertising: As you can see from the attached "ADS" from Marin Magazine, these "ADS" have NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SELLING OF YOUR HOME. I know some of these agents and it’s not about their competence to market and sell a home, it’s about costs. These ads cost thousands of dollars and all they do is market the agents or the real estate company. Attached is the ad sheet pricing for these ads so you can see how expensive they are. The point is YOU ARE PAYING FOR THESE "ADS".

Office Space: Having to spend $3,000 - $50,000+ a month on office space and utilities such as "offices like these" is a major cost for most all real estate offices. However, we choose to use the free Marin Title Companies Offices located throughout Marin for the meetings that we do not have at your home. Again saving us and our clients thousands of dollars over the year.

Summary: You dont have to pay retail. The other offices HAVE TO CHARGE YOU 5% AND 6%, because they spend so much money on promoting themselves and high overhead costs. But when 100% of the income to an office comes from the Sellers, it’s really you that are paying these costs………… We market the properties the same way they do, MLS, websites, open homes if you choose. We get the same results, it just cost you less. Call or email us to setup an appointment.


  • MLS - Multi Listing Service
  • Online Marketing with all major websites: Trulia, Zillow, Realtor.com
  • Open House, Marketing Flyers, Signage
  • Professional Photographers
  • Competitive Selling Price based on current market values for a quick sale
    all for a discounted 4% commission – saving you thousands of dollars!

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